November 07, 2021 3 min read

This is a question I get a lot and I think it's an important one.  With all of the information out there about "heavy metals," people are concerned that either ingesting silver or using it orally can cause a build-up of heavy metals in your system.   While I agree ingesting silver every single day is not advantageous, there are many people that do believe in very small doses and have been taking it daily for many years.  Silver is not just an alternative to antibiotics but I believe it's better because it acts as a germicidal and kills all the bacteria, viruses and fungi.  Silver does not harm any of the healthy bacteria but just like anything else, too much of a good thing can do more harm than good.  The "smurf" people in the world have abused the daily intake of silver and turned themselves blue (a condition known as argyria).

Like anything else, educating oneself and being your own health advocate is essential because no one else has to live with the consequences except you and your loved ones.  Based on my own research, I am confident that using SSM (Simply Silver Mouthwash) daily does NOT build up in your system (again you are not ingesting it) but if it makes you more comfortable to take some time off from using it, then by all means do so.  Our bodies are magnificent machines, if you are healthy and are getting enough anti-oxidants in your diet along with selenium, vitamin E, and amino acids like N-acetyl cysteine, then there is no reason why your body wouldn't excrete any excess silver out of your system.  

Here is an excellent link that discusses a lot of the common misconceptions from a renowned physician, Dr. Jonathan Wright, M.D, an expert on colloidal silver. Click here and review Dr. Jonathan Wright, M.D., the safe, sane and responsible use of colloidal silver Keep in mind using something orally and ingesting it are two different things.  I would  rather use something that contains no chemicals by using nature's own germicide rather than a chemical concoction.  

Just what do you think are the harmful effects of using the commercial "blue mouthwash" daily?  I recently had a friend tell me that her grandmother was just diagnosed with oral cancer and she was a non-smoker, healthy woman.  The only thing they can pinpoint to her oral cancer is the daily use of the "blue mouthwash" for 25 years straight.   Most people are unaware that our own bodies contain trace elements of silver, gold and other minerals.  I believe that using SSM is not only healthy for your oral tissues, but is also safe to do so.


Disclaimer:  Heather the Hygienist is not a doctor and the contents of this blog have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Information conveyed herein is from sources deemed to be accurate and reliable, but no guarantee can be made in regards to the accuracy and reliability thereof.  The author, Heather Paul, is a natural dental hygienist with over 20 years of experience.  Therefore, nothing stated in this blog should be construed as prescriptive in nature, nor is any part of this blog meant to be considered a substitute for professional medical advice.  Nothing reported herein is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Heather the Hygienist
Heather the Hygienist

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So, why is Simply Silver Mouthwash the SAFEST choice for your oral health?  SSM does NOT contain toxic chemicals of ANY kind and the main ingredient is a blend of silver solution.  Silver is nature's antibiotic.  It is anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and it aids in wound healing.  It's the perfect base for a mouthwash instead of an alcohol, water or glycerin which is either too acidic and harmful or does absolutely nothing beneficial for you.  Prior to antibiotics, silver was used and the use of silver as medicine goes back thousands of years. Click here for the Medicinal History of Silver