May 13, 2017 2 min read

So today, I had an elderly gentleman patient that had an interesting cologne.  It was called B.O. Galore!  Mind you I’m already put-off by this odoriferous scent, I seat him in my chair and proceed to ask him the usual questions.  As I lay him back and start to work on his teeth, he reaches up to “scratch” his nose.  Needless to say, a GIANT boogie the size of the man’s nostril falls right under his nose and above his lip.  Now I know you might be surprised to find out that this is absolutely disgusting to me!  Yes, I’m a DENTAL hygienist.  No, I’m not a nasal one!  Look folks, I can handle anything INSIDE the mouth but take it outside and I’m totally grossed out. 
As I sat stunned for a second, determining my next step, I was trying not to gag.  Was I to simply blow it into oblivion with my air/water syringe, tell the patient he had a giant boogie crater on his face, ignore the mucous blob? I had to regather myself.  So, I told him that I needed to look at his x-rays and pushed my chair away from him, silently praying that it would be gone when I turned around.
When I got my composure back and turned back around, I was surprised to see it laying on my gauze that I had placed on his bib.  That means HE KNEW it was there and left me the surprise on the gauze.  Really?  I cautiously proceeded to take an instrument and gently remove the gauze off of his chest onto the tray lying FACE DOWN! 
So, the next time you have a dental appointment, PLEASE check your bat cave for bats! 
A public service announcement from Heather the hygienist
Heather the Hygienist
Heather the Hygienist

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So, why is Simply Silver Mouthwash the SAFEST choice for your oral health?  SSM does NOT contain toxic chemicals of ANY kind and the main ingredient is a blend of silver solution.  Silver is nature's antibiotic.  It is anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic and it aids in wound healing.  It's the perfect base for a mouthwash instead of an alcohol, water or glycerin which is either too acidic and harmful or does absolutely nothing beneficial for you.  Prior to antibiotics, silver was used and the use of silver as medicine goes back thousands of years. Click here for the Medicinal History of Silver