1.Why do you use colloidal silver in mouthwash?

Colloidal silver has been used for thousands of years because of its natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral qualities.  It also aids in wound healing which is why diabetic wound centers and burn units use silver as well.  Colloidal silver also is anti-parasitic and anti-fungal so if you have a white coating on your tongue (thrush) from an imbalance of Candida albicans in your body it will kill the fungal infection. 

Silver coins used to be used in milk to make it last longer and also children who were born to wealthy parents ate off of SILVERware which is why they were healthier than the babies who ate off of lead.  Hence the phrase, “Born with a silver spoon in your mouth.” 

Your body will never become immune to silver because it kills ONLY the anaerobic bacteria, not the aerobic kind.  Keeping the bacteria count down in your mouth is ESSENTIAL to overall health because your mouth is the most vascular area of your whole body.  Whatever you stick into your mouth goes directly into your blood stream, that’s why nitro glycerin tablets work so well—it bypasses the GI tract.  In fact, a study done several years ago on stroke victims showed that 40% of the bacteria that was clogging their arteries came from their mouth.  TRUE health really STARTS with your mouth


2. What PPM is Simply Silver?

SSM is 15 PPM but it’s really not the parts per million that matter; it’s how finely divided and uniform the particles of silver are.  SSM uses constant current technology so the particles are so small that they are very effective against viruses and bacteria.


3. What makes SSM unique from other mouthwashes?

SSM is unique because the base of the mouthwash is colloidal silver, unlike most mouthwashes that are alcohol based.  There are no chemicals, dyes or preservatives of any kind.  SSM is the ONLY mouthwash on the market that has 100% RAW Croton Lechleri sap from the Amazon rainforest.  Croton lechleri sap is also known as Dragon’ Blood (DB) and is a natural coagulant.  That means if you cut yourself and rubbed some of the DB onto the wound, it acts like a liquid band-aid.  DB also is a natural pain reducer and reduces inflammation.  There are over 50 scientific studies on the benefits of Dragon’s Blood and it was approved by the FDA in 2013 to be taken internally as a treatment for diarrhea.

SSM also uses Black Walnut because Black Walnut is loaded with organic minerals.  If you give your body what you need it will try to heal itself.  Your teeth need minerals to stay healthy. 

Essential oils of myrrh, tea tree, clove, peppermint or cinnamon are used as well because of their anti-septic and anti-bacterial qualities.  Myrrh specifically kills the bacteria that causes gum disease and clove has been a natural remedy to all kinds of dental ailments for hundreds of years. 

Another essential ingredient in SSM is CoQ10 because people who have gum disease are lacking CoQ10 in their bodies.  Statin drugs deplete the natural occurring CoQ10 in your heart therefore it is recommended by many doctors to  supplement it back into your system.  Statin drugs are the seventh most prescribed medication in America today.


4. Why is it a brownish color?

The DB gives SSM a brownish color because the sap itself is a very dark red sap; hence the moniker Dragon’s Blood.  You must shake it well because the essential oils float to the top and the sap goes to the bottom.


5. Is it safe for children?

Absolutely!  However, it has a very strong taste because of the essential oils.  SSM comes in 2 flavors: mint or cinnamon.  Because cinnamon is considered a “hot” oil it is very strong and therefore I don’t recommend the cinnamon one for children unless they love candy like Cinnamon Balls.  Start out with a very small amount until they get used to the taste and dilute half and half with water if necessary.  If you keep introducing something repeatedly over time, they WILL get used to it.


6. How often should I use SSM?

That depends on what your oral health is.  If you are dealing with gum disease, then it is recommended you use at least one capful, twice daily.  It is safe to use as much as you like, but for medicinal purposes, at least twice daily is suggested as it is safe for daily use. For best results, brush first then do not eat or drink for 30 minutes after expectorating.


7. What’s wrong with using commercial mouthwashes?

Commercial mouthwashes contain extremely toxic ingredients.  You have to be careful of the ones that are even considered to be “natural.”  Ingredients to watch out for are Poloxamer 407 (linked to breast cancer), Alcohol (causes throat and mouth cancer according to the MSDS), dyes (most are banned in other countries but allowed here—linked to cancer), sodium saccharine (a known carcinogen), sodium fluoride (used as a rat poison prior to 1938 and Harvard study shows reduces IQ), and cetylpyridinium chloride or CPC (found in pesticides). 


8. Why doesn’t SSM contain fluoride?

Fluoride is a derivative of the halogen Fluorine on the periodic table.  Fluorine is the MOST reactive chemical known to man.  That’s why it’s used in nerve gas.  Sodium fluoride was grandfathered in at the inception of the FDA in 1938.  There are several kinds of fluoride on the market today which are all toxic and have proven to affect the IQ and other studies show a link to bone cancer.  I'm not a conspiracy theorist, just a label reader. If you have good oral care habits, have regular dental cleanings, eat healthy, take quality vitamins such as Vitamin D and minerals, and avoid things like soda and sticky, retentive foods such as candy, there is no reason why you should be getting decay.  Also, technology has changed since the inception of fluoride in oral care products and there are more effective ways to re-mineralize enamel than chemically antiquated ingredients. Why poison your body unnecessarily when you can use a natural product without any chemicals? 


9. What else can I use SSM for?

Many people use SSM as a throat gargle to relieve sore throats.  It’s also used topically on skin on minor cuts or bug bites to help stop bleeding and infection.