The first time I tried Simply Silver, I fell in love with it; my gums felt better, my breath felt clean. I've used it every day for the last 3 months and my teeth are not as sensitive as they used to be. I would highly recommend to everyone. I love it. 

Jenifer Postma

I have been using this wonderful mouthwash and now I don't want to use anything else. I am amazed at how long it keeps my mouth feeling so fresh. I love that there are no harmful ingredients. Can't wait to be able to offer it to my co op members.

Cheyenne's Organic Farmer's Market
Lisa H.

To Whom it May Concern:
I was suffering from chronic nasal congestion just above two contiguous teeth upon which I had a root canal procedure performed in the past. I suspected a linkage between the two root-canaled teeth and a brewing infection up in my sinuses in the same area as the root structure for the two teeth. I discussed this with my dentist who said, “there is no study to conclude that a root canal will cause sinus issues”. That answer troubled me. So I shared my thoughts with Heather, my dental hygienist. Heather immediately saw the connection, sited several examples of others who had similar issues related to root canal surgery and she suggested both a long term solution; which would be removal of the two teeth and replacement with a bridge...and a short term solution as the bridge is very expensive. She suggested I use Simply Silver Mouthwash to hyper cleanse my teeth and gums so that the infection could be minimized. Since using Simply Silver the chronic infection in my sinuses has subsided. I am able to live comfortably while I save up for the extraction and bridge that I need. In the meantime I am very grateful to Heather for endeavoring to find natural, effective, healthful, non-chemical solutions to my oral health issue. Her product is an absolute winner...it is effective, it is natural tasting, your mouth feels clean in the morning...this should be rushed to market and she should start working on other products such as all-natural deodorants and other toxic and/or non-productive, unhealthy product alternatives.
Richard Cox

As a dental hygienist myself, I have learned a lot and have understood many factors of the importance in over- all health beginning with oral health. As I sit and ponder the many benefits of herbs, plants and all the true values of what God has created for us, I think how can I achieve the value of these creations given to us by God. I work full time and achieve optimal patient care and understand the true value of recommendations given to patient. It was my turn to evaluate and achieve optimal care to my husband. My husband had his third molars (also known as his wisdom teeth) extracted. When given scripts from the doctor one that stood out to me was Peridex (also known as chlorhexidine). I cringed when I saw it. As many hygienists would recommend this mouth wash to help cut bacteria levels, however, it contains chemicals and toxins throughout this product. So I decided to make an educated decision and act at a provider for my husband. I decided for him to use Simply Silver to help maintain a healthy, clean, antiseptic mouth for healing. After a week of using Simply Silver 3-4 times a day. My husband had his post-op appointment. The post-op appointment was the best result of healing tissues the oral surgeon/assistant office had ever seen and asked us what we did differently. I briefly explained Simply Silver to him. They were impressed! With that being said we are going to keep using Simply Silver and can't even compliment the product enough! We thank you Simple Silver for being an all natural product that is safe and works wonders for our family!

Thank you!
Lauren H., RDH

I love this mouthwash! Your mouth feels so clean and fresh! The commercial brands make me feel like a layer of membrane has been stripped off and they burn too much. This mouthwash doesn’t just cover bad breath, but has such healthy ingredients that you just know there are other health benefits you will receive from using it daily. I hope there are more products coming from this company!

Laura Torres

My family and I have been using Simply Silver for about a week now. The difference in a week is amazing. I have enamel erosion on two teeth with severe sensitivity and within 1 week of using simply silver my sensitivity is a thing of the past, also my teeth are whiter. Even my 5 year old son has seen a differencein his teeth! This product is amazing and I will never go back to the toxic store mouthwash! Thank you Heather for making such an amazing product.

Kelly Sagastume

Simply Silver mouthwash is awesome, and our entire family loves it! Finally a natural, healthy alternative to conventional mouthwashes! I personally stopped using mouthwash years ago when I found out the many harmful ingredients that most contained. Not only is it extremely refreshing for my mouth, but I feel happy knowing that I am doing something good for my gums and teeth! I also love the fact that my entire family can use it including children! Thank you for your passion in creating such a great product! 

Danielle Diez

I am not a mouthwash fan but since I've been using SSM my mouth feels so clean that I don't want to be without it.  The mint flavor is so cool and refreshing and I love knowing that what I'm putting into my mouth won't harm me.  My gums are tighter and they feel better in general.

Elana Martinez

I had a hard time finding a mouthwash that worked for me because I struggled with bad breath.  I always had to have a piece of gum in my mouth at all times.  Now I use SSM twice a day, morning and night and I no longer have bad breath.  My mouth feels cleaner and fresher.  Thanks Simply Silver Mouthwash!

Max Maher

It's so reassuring to have finally found such a high quality mouthwash such as Simply Silver Mouthwash.

Rebecca from Zephyrhills, FL

Just want to let you know that I am sold on your product. I’m not sure which one did it or if it was a combination of both but I have been using your products (toothpaste & mouthwash) strictly now for about three months and I no longer have the terrible sensitivity problem I had before.

Bobby Alvarez, Tampa, FL